Roman V



The lessons of IRAQ crisis

By Roman V. Manekin



а Assuming the role of the world community leader, the USA took by this the assumptions and liabilities of the defensor of international stability, social peace.

аThe USA attaque to IRAQ, which is not provoques by anything concrete, has created illusion permissiveness.

а Intifade activisation all over the Muslim world is the nearest consequence of this act of aggression from Washington.

а However, these effects of the am operation in IRAQ were easy to be foreseen, so initially Pentagon was ready to neglect. Them, for sure the war mangers, beginning the military operation, had not forethought the "tectonic processes", hidden in the heart of the European civilization, having been started up by Baghdad bombining.

а As a world power, the USA became inevitably subject to claims, not only from political elite of outcast countries, but also from big part of the mankind.

аа Its leader's functions suppose, to be a model of high moral values, held up as an example of following rules, regulations, and laws.

а The result of the IRAQ crisis is just the opposite: arbitrariness is now an instrument of international policy.

а To act by right of the force becomes a universal way to settle social problems.

а It will be a reaction, from some deepest levels of society, and no international expert is able to predict it. If, as some well-known experts said, the IRAQ war is the beginning of the USA's decline, the American state pyramid (its nucleus potential, the word economy importance of us dollar) is able to destroy the whole political architecture of the modern world.

















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