The Ukraine, the Problems f the National Originality and Nationalism

The Ukraine, the Problems f the National Originality and Nationalism.

By Roman V. Manekin



It is not secret, that different nationalistic doctrines, from "the integral nationalism" of D. Dontscov" in the Ukraine (that is thought the mostly developed conception of the "home industry" in theory) up to indistinct conceptions of Central Asia ideologists have been the ideological base of great number of states during the post soviet development (perhaps, Byelorussia is an exception as well as the latest Moldova). The above mentioned theories cannot be regarded the main factor which influences the spiritual life f historical ethnoses because in most cases local authorities simply use them to impose an oligarchial control on the concrete territories. Nevertheless, the nationalists use to declare that the national originality is the final aim of the application of nationalistic conceptions.

The question is, whether nationalism really promotes the formation of the national originality. What are the social, political and economic consequences f the influence of nationalistic doctrines on the post soviet development of different states? - these are greatly important problems that today can be solved in the most optimal way.

R.V. Manekin is going to dwell upon some burning issues f the same kind in his work.